August Habit #1 Hope This Helps Others

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a long time FlyBaby with years of soaring and years of limping along. My New Year’s resolution was to finally solve my constant piles of laundry. No matter how much I decluttered I could never get a handle on the laundry.

I loved the washing, drying, and folding but despised the putting away. Every week we would constantly be searching for things in the baskets to the point they get jumbled. Madness! We are in the process of swapping out 2 rooms in our home so the contents of both were packed up temporarily so we could shift them to the correct space. We used plastic bins and also all of my laundry baskets in the process.

Well the MOST AMAZING thing happened….no laundry baskets equals laundry put away instantly from the dryer. Something clicked with me not having that basket available to dump everything in made it impossible not to immediately put away the clean folded pile. There is no way I will leave it on the floor or on the top of dryer so each load gets put away ASAP.

I’m amazed that removing this simple laundry basket from the process helped me more than years of having and buying more “tools”. Even after the room swap is complete I plan to never have baskets available again. Crazy but it works for me.

Hope this helps others who struggle with my same problem.

Thanks for all you do,
Southern Flyer

FlyLady here: Our habit for August is working on Laundry.

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a Testimonial about doing a load of laundry each day? Let us know, and send an email with MY LAUNDRY IS GETTING DONE in the subject line.

A load a day keeps CHAOS away!  clothes off.

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