Retired and Needing The Calendar

Dear FlyLady,

My husband and I are both retired and have discovered we need a calendar MORE now than when we both worked.

At first I was the only one writing anything on the calendar. Last month, I saw red ink and wondered what appointment I had coming up. It was my husband’s appointment for his annual physical exam-even down to the phone number.

Yesterday, his cousin was visiting and said I have to change my hearing aid battery. Doesn’t seem like the batteries last number of days the people claim.

My husband went to the kitchen got our calendar and brought it in to show the cousin. My husband pointed to the sticker from my hearing aid battery and said her battery is good for 150 hrs or 10 days. Most companies say that 15 hours is a day for a hearing aid battery. The number of days depends on the amount of technology in each aid. The cousin thought that was a wonderful tip.

Thank you so much for your web site.

A Retired FlyBaby


FlyLady here: A calendar is a wonderful tool. You note all upcoming appointments and events. You jot down birthdays and anniversaries.

Like this FlyBaby, you can use your calendar as a daily diary for important
information that you might need to refer to in the future. No more little pieces of paper filling up your hot spots!


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