A Recipe of Peace Pie

Dear Friends,

In the past we have been told about a purple soup that was called FlyLady Soup? It was made with Black Beans that look purple. LOL Did you know that you have a pie too! I like to think of it as Peace Pie!

We all start each day will a whole pie to call our own. During the day we make the choices that give away our pieces of Peace Pie. This is a special pie that nourishes you as well as feeds your soul. I am going to give you the recipe for this pie!

It starts with the desire to have a “Peace” of Pie! This peace has to come from a whole pie. So here goes with my recipe for this delightful pie.

Every pie I have ever made has a crust. This pie has a top crust and a bottom crust! This crust is made from the finest ingredients for a great foundation. These are the habits you put together to make up your routines. We start this pie the night before we want it with our before bed routine. This is the bottom crust that holds up our pie of Peace together.

It only takes a few minutes to make this crust.

Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
Check your calendar
Shine your sink and clean up after dinner
Clear off a hot spot
Put things in your launch pad so you won’t forget them
Brush your teeth
Wash your face
Go to bed at a decent hour and sleep.

This crust is a pleasure to make when you think about the joy that it is going to give you tomorrow morning when you put together the rest of this glorious pie of Peace. That alone is a great incentive. There is nothing like the taste of Peace Pie!

The top crust we will put together when we first get up in the morning. It starts with getting up a few minutes before the flow of the rest of the family. This enables you to get dressed in peace. Do you see how you can have your pie and eat it too? The pie isn’t even made yet but you are beginning to feel the taste on your tongue. The rest of your morning routine of checking your calendar, putting on your shoes, seeing what’s for dinner on your calendar, making your bed, eating breakfast and starting a load of laundry help to make this top crust fit with the bottom crust.

Now we have to put together the most luscious filling for this pie of Peace. This filling is made of our basic weekly plan and having the ingredients readily available each day we start our pie. A weekly home blessing, staying on top of mount washmore, planning our meals, grocery shopping, getting rid of our clutter 15 minutes at a time and taking time for you are the ingredients that make this pie melt in our mouths. Without them is the crust is very hard to put together.

Think about this. You can’t lay out your clothes if you have no clean laundry. You can’t pull out something for dinner in the morning if there is no plan and you have not gone shopping. This filling makes this pie of Peace tasty.

Your habits put this pie of peace together every day. Your lack of effective habits makes it impossible to sit down and enjoy this pie. You have a choice build your pie and enjoy it or to give away the ingredients.

Once your pie is made then you have the ability to share this peace with others and not feel deprived. This pie is dusted with granulated sugar that is your attitude of love for you. You no longer feel that someone is stealing your pie when your buttons get pushed by family or a simple mistake. You find yourself enjoying the day instead of dreading what’s next. This pie of Peace becomes the nourishment for your body and soul. It blesses all around us and you made it with your own two hands!

Can you taste this Pie of Peace?


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