Something is Better Than Nothing

Dear FlyLady,

I first started reading your emails about 3 years ago…. I thought “why in the world do these people take so long to get this stuff down”.  Well, here I am three years later admitting that I am still fluttering.  But I’m okay with that because I’ve learned that I don’t have to do things perfectly…. That doing some is better than doing none around the house.

I work and have three kids.  Almost two weeks ago my 16 year old and 6 year old were in a car wreck.  She was driving on the highway close to 70mph and a car pulled out in front of her.  She spent a week in the hospital and the youngest was not kept in the hospital.  So we have had our lives completely disrupted.  As we are now home and trying to get back to normal I have been surprised at how my incomplete routines are still helpful.  I find myself going back to the sayings that you tell us like ‘hit a lick at a snake’, and let go of perfectionism, and I see that there are little things that have become engrained in my behaviors that help me to get things done throughout the day.  So this is just a thank you and an encouragement to others to just keep working at this plan.

You may not get all the pieces together at one time…. But what you do get put together will make your life better!

FlyBaby Laura

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