Waiting to Get Started?

Dear Friends,

In many of your messages I have noticed that you can’t wait to get our calendar, duster, book, and timer so you can get started. If you are ordering this stuff because you think that this is the magic pill you need to take to get you started then you have not understood anything I have been telling you. Here is why.

You already have every magic potion known to man sitting in your cupboards. Cleaning supplies just don’t do the trick. It is not about the right chemical for the job. It is about actually getting up and doing something instead of waiting till you have all your magic pills. If the truth be told I use very little cleaners anymore; just a little window cleaner and soap. This means I have very little cleaning clutter in my cabinets.

Now let’s look at the shelf of “get organized” books you already have. What good did they do you? You bought them, you may have even read them, but here they sit staring back at you. Now you have gone out and purchased yet another book that is going to be the magic spell to get your home organized.

When I wrote Sink Reflections, it was for those folks who don’t have access to the internet. It was to put the system into a simple little book. I never dreamed that my online members would buy it for themselves. I thought you might buy it for a friend and share this message with your non-computer neighbors. You were already reaching out to help people and needed a tool to get the message across. It was because of your continuous requests for permission to pass this on and share with your Sunday school classes and women’s groups that my book came to life. If you have internet access and email, you can get every bit of this information for free. It will always be free or Robert and I will shut down the website. We are committed to having a website that is kind of like a text book. If you have not checked out the information on our pages, please do.

The emails are also an important part of helping you to establish your routines. They are the behavior modification and attitude adjusting essays that you need to change your life; One email at a time. The whole system is there, just for your convenience. We also use Facebook as a place for you to share your accomplishments with others as we play games to get things done.

We have put together some wonderful tools for you to use, but that is all they are! They are not the magic spell, wand or potion that is going to get your home in order. They are tools to help motivate you and make blessing your home fun!

Over the years I have purchased every planner and calendar ever printed to help keep me from missing appointments. Nothing ever worked until I established a routine for actually looking at the calendar and using it. The same thing goes for the feather duster. It will just stay in the closet until it rots if you don’t take the duster out and use it. We all have timers on our ovens and microwaves. We may even have egg timers stuck in some drawer someplace. Any timer will work, you just have to set it and get into the habit of using it.

So you see if you are waiting till you get your FlyLady order to get started, you have missed the point. You have the power in you right now. These tools are not going to be that magic solution to your CHAOS. If you are planning on purchasing one of our tools for this reason, then please wait till you have your routines established to go along with it. Then you can purchase them as a reward. The tools will not help you to do this. They will only be more clutter if you don’t actually use them. I don’t want them to make you feel guilty because you have purchased yet another magic pill to get rid of the CHAOS. It is up to you to follow our messages and begin with babysteps to build your routines. Your home did not get dirty overnight and it is not going to get clean in a day. One other thing to remember if you are waiting for your FlyLady Order to come before you get started, then this is just another excuse to procrastinate. It is that ugly old perfectionism once again, telling you that you can’t get started until you have all the right stuff! Well the right stuff inside of you. Now go shine your sink!

I want for you what I have; Peace and this peace came for letting go of the perfect fix for my problems and getting down to the basis of my CHAOS; My lack of getting up and moving. We all know how to clean; I don’t have to tell any of you how to do it. We just need to be motivated. This is my job as I see it; to teach you to build your routines and do your babysteps.

Are you ready to FLY now that you don’t need the magic pill to get you started?


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