Teaching Your Kids, Too

Dear Flylady,

I’m sorry I haven’t emailed you sooner. I think I have taken you and all the good things you have brought into my life for granted.

My journey with you started about 15 years ago when I found Sink Reflections at the library! I grew up never learning how to clean or how to run a household. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Finding your book was a godsend!  At the time our girls were 2,4,6. I definitely needed help! Shining our sink and making our bed now seemed doable! One habit at a time our home was changing!!!

When our girls were in their teens they were able to keep our home running smoothly when I wasn’t there during my husband’s surgeries and doctor appointments. I would show them the daily plan and zone cleaning jobs and would come home to a clean house after stressful doctor appointments!! The control journal really gives you peace during stressful situations.

Fast forward a few years. Our oldest daughter recently got married.  Her and I were discussing cleaning routines, habits, and running her own home and she tells me with a smile on her face ” Mom, I got this. I know what to do!” Words cant express how thankfuk I am for all that you do. My girls won’t have to live in chaos because “They got this!”

Thank you again Flylady!
Hope in South Korea

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