A Small Celebration

Dearest Marla,

Thank you so much for all your support on Facebook and your amazing Flylady system.

I am a 36 years old single woman. no children yet 😉 I am a professional classical singer and perform mainly in churches because I love to sing for Jesus. Much more than worldly opera. A life with glamour yes… But how is your home and private life? 2 months ago I left an abusive relationship with an Indian man who exploited me and demanded me to be a great housewife, even when I still lived in my own home half of the time. The Flylady system helped me to become amazing at it, but also to love myself. And the growth of selflove made me leave the bad guy forever and I am so happy now. It only lasted a few months, so no worries… 😉

Yesterday was my Birthday! Since the last 12 years I never celebrated my birthday. It felt like too big of a task to make my home and foods/drinks ready for friends and family. But now I adopted your Flylady system, I got my house in order, and even had baked pies and cooked an amazing French dinner and snacks for my friends and family. I only had 6 people over, because I wanted to start small, and it was so lovely. I was so happy that I could not just give them some cake from the supermarket and a little toast with cheese as we do it often in Holland during birthdays. No, because of the Flylady system I was able to make it a feast of food. And they loved it and all went home happy. No alcohol was there…

Because I decluttered my home, I had also found a dvd with my 4th birthday. Talk about selflove! So so cute. I shared the video online on my birthday and it feels amazing.

So thank you dear Marla. I will keep on going and life will get better and better.

Love, Judith from Holland

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