FLYing Between Kids And Jobs

I discovered Flylady less than a year ago.

I am a mommy of 2 little ones. My dear husband and I work full time.

With the Flylady routines we are so much more organized! We write everything on our large Flylady calendar and stick  to our night and morning routines.

We bought a carpet sweeper and we can sweep the carpets when the kids nap because it’s quiet!! And we do it a lot since we also have 2 cats.

I am not perfect but a work in progress with the Flylady principles. And I no longer feel bad about not being perfect.

We make your pot roast in our crockpot. We discuss dinner so there are no crazy evening rushes. We plan our our shopping and save money.

We also like the silver rags as we are able to do quick cleaning with just water and the kids can help.

I love watching Flylady videos and feel inspired by them.

I have read all the books and feel like I fly better everyday.

Thank you sweet Flylady. May God bless you and your family.

Thank you for all that you do
From our Flybaby family in Florida to yours.

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