Faith Is Important

Dear Flylady,

I always knew that reading the emails was important, and just had a bit more of a realization of why. Having faith is so important. It can be a religion but doesn’t have to be. It can simply be faith that things will get better. Faith keeps us going. And reading your emails, your reassurance, gives us faith that our homes and or lives will get better if we just take the baby steps. As you say, we don’t have to see the top of the staircase to take the first step. To get started, we just need a simple morning and evening routine and to declutter every day.

I started following you on September 2016, after googling „how to become a better housekeeper.” There was a big difference almost right away, and after a year the house had undergone an amazing transformation. Then I had a fourth baby a year and a half ago, and moved from California to Switzerland a year ago. I stopped with my routines when the sleep deprivation with the baby got intense, and I haven’t gotten back to them fully, though I am starting. I wasn’t reading the emails. A couple of days ago I started reading some again, and remembered how they helped before. And how I don’t have to go straight back to where I was, but simply do a morning and evening routine and declutter 15 minutes a day. And read your emails, to help me have faith that my messy Zürich apartment will become the welcoming home I dream of, if I just keep following my routines and adding to them as they become habits.

Thank you for giving us faith, and a system to follow so we just have to take those first steps on the Flylady staircase.

Liebi Grüess (best wishes),

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