Pamper Mission 07-25-2021

As we pamper ourselves, it’s easy to focus on the face and hair. But we often overlook a couple of areas; our elbows and knees. Before we realize it, our knees and elbows begin to show signs of neglect such as roughness, flaking, and discoloration. Not pretty! Baby those elbows and knees this week! Slough off the dead skin with your favorite exfoliating treatment. For example, you can mix baking soda or sugar with bath gel to make a sloughing cleanser for these problem areas. You can add a beta hydroxy acid or alpha hydroxy acid product to your daily beauty routine to help avoid this problem coming back in the future. These areas also need to be moisturized regularly, so pamper them often with a quenching moisturizer.

It’s so much fun to FLY when we’re pampered all over! Remember, you deserve it!

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