Decluttering Is Rewarding

Hi Flylady,

First I want to thank you for always reminding me that I am ok right where I am. I can just jump in and start now, not worry about what I didn’t do yesterday.

My declutter story is about Christmas gifts. Specifically, I would buy things during the year and forget what I got and where I hid it. So a few years ago I got smart and started putting them in one place. Small things I put in a dresser drawer that wasn’t being used. Well, it did have things in it I didn’t use. So that year I bought some gift cards for the kids that I mail to, made it easy on myself. And they get to buy things they want and can use. So Christmas 2017 I’m cleaning out that drawer, getting rid of stuff I don’t use or need, and under a folder I find a $50 gift card! Then I remember I somehow got an extra one, was going to use it myself and forgot. I checked online to see if it was still good (it was), and saw that I bought it Dec 10, 2014! It had been there for 3 years, waiting for me to find it! I wish all my decluttering was so rewarding, lol. Just seeing the chaos get tamed is a reward, but it’s nice to find the occasional extra reward!

Thanks Flylady for your continued encouragement, it really helps me keep moving.

Flying in Maxwell, Iowa

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