July Habit #30 Guest Bath Of Shame

Dear FlyLady,

My husband is an invalid with numerous health issues that call him to his bathroom frequently.

In the past, I have only cleaned this when I knew company was coming, and then with martyred clenched teeth and a gallon of bleach!

I have been very embarrassed if anyone stopped by and needed to use it. Sometimes, I purposely refrained from offering beverages to guests ( a Southern requirement if hospitality) just so their bladders wouldn’t get full enough to visit our guest bath of shame!

Last week I started swishing this toilet every day and realized it was easier done in daily baby steps. I didn’t have burned, bleachy nostrils and an angry attitude.

It was so nice that I wanted to do something extra special for my husband’s bathroom, so I ordered the dishtowels. I put a fresh one in the bathroom each morning after I swish and swipe.

Some of my husband’s health issues cause him mental confusion and he has trouble keeping up with which day it is. Now his clean bathroom is a reminder if each day as well as my love for him.

Best wishes from sunny Crestview,
FL Flybaby G

FlyLady here: Our  July habit  is to Swish and Swipe your bathroom everyday.

Have you ever been embarrassed when someone asked to use your bathroom?  Have you ever put off allowing a repair person into your bathroom? Have your dear children watched you clean the bathroom and you have then caught them swishing out the toilet?
We want to hear your stories or tips on the benefits of Swishing and Swiping everyday.

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