July Habit #31 Passing On Good Habits

Dear FlyLady,

I have been flying with you for at least 10 years now, but while some habits are firm, Swishing and Swiping always seems to get left behind.

I really appreciated the e-mail from you that said to link it with another habit. I did that with bed making and getting dressed in my first year with you and it made sense. My bed is so seldom unmade now, you can bet that if it is unmade it was because I left the house before my husband got up. I also remembered as story from my seemingly BO DMIL who I found out long ago is really a SHE who discovered routines to survive living in parsonages before Pam and Peggy ever published their first book!

When I was a newly wed she told me that she did her weekly bathroom cleaning on Sunday morning after her husband left for church. She was all ready doing a daily cleaning that she called “vacuuming the middles,” so it was never really that bad even with a family of 6. According to her, she would strip down, do the weekly scrubbing in the buff, and then be the very first person to enjoy her shiny clean bathroom. It was her way of blessing herself!

So I applied this linking idea twice.

First, I linked the S&S of our master bath to my morning tooth brushing session. For all of July I have managed to do it everyday. I had to ask my DH if he noticed, and he did say he was wondering why our bathroom was not getting dirty, LOL!

Second, realizing my DD will be leaving home next fall and I had yet to introduce her to S&S like I had other FLY routines. So I delegated her primary bathroom to her. You are right. It does take longer to explain that it does to do it, but I explained that when you do it as part of getting ready in the morning, like putting on your make up or your brushing teeth it really is blessing yourself. And I did tell her about her DGM who she admires doing it in the buff on Sunday morning.

DD is now really enjoying having a shiny bathroom sink for her morning prepping. I hope she carries it with her to dorm life, and it was great to bless her future by sharing this important routine. Thanks again for all you do to keep inspiring us.

A decade old Flybaby–or am I a Flykid now?

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a Testimonial about Swishing and Swiping your bathroom? Let us know, and send an email with MY BATHROOM LOOKS GREAT in the subject line.

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