Taking BabySteps At My Own Pace

Dear Flylady,

I’m still fluttering, but I’m not making the same mistakes I’ve made when trying your system before. Just like in the past I’ve fallen behind, but unlike before I’m really trying to maintain the baby steps. I’ve already accomplished without giving up because “I’ve ruined it” by missing a few days.

I’m not ruining anything, I’m just treading water and catching my breath! What I used to do is miss a couple days of baby steps and then try to cram all the days I missed into one “make up” day. Even though you say not to! I thought I could do it. But instead they would start to pile up and my to-do list would grow, and eventually I would give up because it was just too overwhelming. The silly part is that I was doing this because I wanted to be done with all the baby steps in a month and not wait any longer than that. Except after I would give up it would be many months, or sometimes more than a year, before I would try again.

So silly to be living in chaos for that long because I didn’t want to take baby steps for more than a month! This time I am committed to really following your directions, and so far so good! My sink is staying shiny and clear, even if I have dirty dishes they are staying out of my sink. And then it is so much easier to catch up on them when I’m ready, because they aren’t taking up all the space in the sink that I need for washing. I’m dressed everyday and my bed is made, so I’m not in the bed during the day and I can run out to do my errands easily. I’ve got my happy little reminders posted around the house and I’m reading ALL the emails, and watching some of the youtube videos. Even when I’m struggling I watch the youtube videos and they get me going again.

I have been doing my two minute hot spots on and off for a few days now, and slowly I uncovered my whole dining room table! This is so exciting for me and my daughters because now we have a place to play board games. I wouldn’t let them take the board games out until it was clear because I was afraid of losing all the pieces in the mess.

Last night I finally took step seven and put my clothes out for today before bed. So it has taken me two weeks to take seven baby steps. And for once I am so happy with that! It is great to have a functional house that is beginning to peek through the chaos. No more guilt or trying to take shortcuts for me, I’m just moving at my own pace and maintaining the steps I’ve already taken. At the end of every flylady email I read the part that says “You are not behind! I don’t want you to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?” out loud to myself. Than I answer “Yes!!” It has been so helpful to hear that over and over.

Thank you so much for all that you do!



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