When Will The Organization Come?

FlyLady TimerDear FlyLady,

I’m tired of the ups and downs of being organized and keeping a household running well to keep everyone happy. I’m tired of feeling like it is my fault. When will the organization come? When will there be peace? Hopefully soon I will conquer all with FlyLady and zones. May there be happiness again.

FlyBaby Patty


Dear Patty,

Life is always going to be filled with Plan Bs and sometimes even Plan Cs and Ds. Organization does not come to you! You can’t just blink your eyes and be organized! The Good Lord knows that if we could, we would do it in a heartbeat.

When plans get sidetracked for what ever reason, it is how we look at those derailed plans that make the difference in our lives. When we are looking through our perfectionism glasses is when we give up and throw in the towel. If we have on our fun creative glasses, we can make a game of things. Let’s just use frozen water pipes as an example. We were out of water a few weeks ago because our well pump died. Last winter our pipes froze. So I have experience with this.

When you look at things with Perfectionism clouding your vision, you give up before you ever get started. You don’t see what you can do, only what you can’t do. I have a few things that make my life easier in the event of frozen pipes and no water. We keep some extra gallons of water in the basement for occasions like this. Whenever we have these situations, I like to pretend that I am living in the pioneer days of Little House on the Prairie. We are blessed because we do live in the woods. Guess what, bears do it in the woods and you do too, when you are camping. All you have to do is dig a hole. It may be inconvenient but I like to see how well I can survive in tough times. When the times get tough, the tough get going.

It is all in your attitude! You mentioned conquering all with FlyLady and the zones! It is not really about winning! It is just about staying in the game. We do that with one babystep at a time.

My home did not get organized in one day or one month! It took establishing one habit at a time! Then, stringing those simple habits into routines. I started with shining my sink!

The best thing I ever did was quit beating myself up. That was my other habit, to be kind to me! I did this by not piling on, giving myself breaks, and setting my timer and making a game out of clearing clutter and cleaning house! We love to play! It is all in our attitude.

So ask yourself what CAN I do? Instead of telling yourself what you can’t do!

As my granny always said! “Cain’t never could do anything!”

Now set your timer for 15 minutes and jump in and do something! Anything is better than nothing!


It is going to be a great beginning to your life of FLYing!

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We are getting back to basics! Get ready to FLY! 




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