Work Through It


I work full time outside the home and my darling honey works away through the week leaving me with our teenage daughter and our doggy.

I have suffered with anxiety for the last 12 years and sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything. Tonight was one of those times. I just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for my evening routine and started stinking thinking which led to me panicking which meant I just thought “oh well I’m too anxious to do anything I’ll not even bother trying!”. Then I calmed down (after a drink of water!) and realised I had only one thing to do – my routine!

Although I have about 7 tasks each on my afternoon and after dinner routine, all I have to do is look at my list and work through it. Well it was as though a light bulb had gone on in my head!! Instead of thinking how hard worked I am and how I do everything alone I got off my tush and set to sorting out dinner,feeding the dog, clearing a hot spot and even managed 15 minutes in the spare room!

I felt so accomplished! I went on to wash the dishes straight after dinner, walked our pretty dog round the neighbourhood then shined my sink when I got back. So I have ticked off all my tasks for today! Thank you FlyLady for giving us these routines, so that even when we feel overwhelmed we really only have one thing to do. As Nike has for their slogan “Just do it!”.

Learning to fly in England

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