October Habit #25 The Other Benefit

Dear FlyLady

I cleaned out nearly a whole shelf (almost three doors) in a kitchen cabinet. I almost never use a cookbook anymore. I’m 60, and I either already know how to make the item, would rather buy it, or google the recipe. A young lady in my knitting group who LOVES recipe books is THRILLED, other friends got to go thru them first, and the thrift store got the rest.

The otherĀ  benefit — my counters are clearer because there is room in the cabinets for the toaster and other things that often set out. While I was clearing out the cookbooks, I found several things (thermoses, a popcorn popper, etc) that had been relegated to higher and more out of the way shelves. They hadn’t been used in more than a year, so they’re gone too. Holiday napkins and plates that I have self-righteously not used were set down on the cabinet (several different holidays!). My son and I gave the dishwasher a rest and used them up. If I need more for holiday entertaining, I’ll buy them — and the boxes they’re in won’t be dusty when I set them out for my guests!

I think I actually heard a small sigh from the floor timbers in that corner as the weight lifted!

Thanks to you and the Fly Crew!

Please share your Paper Clutter stories, tips and routines with me.

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