There is a Moment

IMG_5778There is a moment.

A moment that happens after you have been enjoying your clutter-free, organized space for awhile now.
You have put the Flylady rules to work and they are actually working. Maybe you even have a habit established!

Life is good and you love your space.

Then, there is a moment.

That moment you are really short on time. Or that moment you brought in something new, something necessary into your space. That moment you brought ANYTHING into  your clean space – and just stuck it.  You just stuck it in a random spot because “I don’t have time to place this item but I definitely will later on.”

That little item wasn’t hurting you or anyone else.  It was one, out of place thing in the midst of pure organizational beauty. It didn’t bother you because everything else around it was just fine – even great.

And that’s how it starts.

One unassuming little “sliver” that doesn’t really hurt, but lets you know it’s there.  Until it does hurt. Until it festers and grows and creates all sorts of havoc around it.

Suddenly the whole closet – car – room starts to look like it always did. And you start to FEEL like you always did.  Because one misplaced item begets another begets another…..


Back up. Pull out the same way you got in.  Little by little, item by item according to the Flylady tips you have been taught.  Calm yourself, love yourself, get it done.

Next time – remember “THE MOMENT”. Ponder it when it’s about to happen. Ask yourself, “Am I REALLY in that much of a hurry that I can’t take a few seconds or minutes to put this thing in the right spot??”

Rock on Sisters (and Bro’s) – you can do it with your Flylady plan!

Flying for awhile now,



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