Grateful For The Here and Now

Dear FlyLady!

As we wind down this year, and get ready to begin another, I wanted to thank you for helping me be more present in the now moments with my children rather than stressed and distracted.I’ve been a FlyBaby for a few years now, but most of my FlyBaby habits started dropping off as we moved into a 3rd home in 2 years, and we started some major home renovation projects. As the holidays approached, I started feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed with this new home and all of the clutter we carried from house to house. I was able to de-clutter some portions but those projects took hours, and that usually meant putting DD (5yrs) and DS (3yrs) right in front the TV while I finished up.

I immediately went back to your website, purchased a new control journal, and started my babysteps again. Getting back into my old FlyBaby habits was so much easier than I thought. And instead of procrastinating, I was inspired but you to just start right here, right now. It’s only been 2 weeks and already our house has transformed, but more importantly I have transformed from the stressed out and overwhelmed mama I once was to a more patient and happy mama I’ve always wanted to be.

You see, I was always stressed out thinking that any moment I wasn’t engaged in a house task, there was a tremendous to-do list running through my head, I was failing at keeping up the house. Spending any time with my kids, I was always thinking of the next things I needed to do, and I was short and crabby with them because I felt overwhelmed at all of the things that I needed to get done. Now that I’m back to my regular FlyBaby schedule I don’t have those worries anymore. I know that through your masterful system, I will get to all of those spots in our house; your to do list will lead me there, so I don’t have to worry that I’m missing something or not doing enough.

Yesterday I caught myself in the kitchen laughing with my kids and enjoying the moment, and I realized I wasn’t feeling stressed about what I should be doing on my never ending stressful list. I was joyful and at peace in the moment with my children. This is a blessing and a gift that I cannot thank you enough for. Thank you thank you thank you FlyLady for bringing me back to the now moments!

Forever grateful from the here and now, Paula from Denver



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