January Habit #11 Learning The Hard Way

Dear FlyLady,

Today I learned (the hard way) the importance of shining my sink. Last night I was so tired I almost gave in to my laziness and left the sink piled with dishes. Thankfully my hubby reminded me to shine my sink and so with that boost I got it done.

This morning after breakfast I went to rinse a dish in the sink and saw that the water had been cut off! We didn’t pay our bill soon enough and our water was shut off promptly. Thankfully, because I shined my sink, all the dishes are clean this morning and the dishwasher is empty! Now the sink can stay clean and dirty dishes can go directly into the dish disposal unit until I am ready to clean them when the water comes back on!Thank you so much for your great advice! And to top it all off, yesterday I refilled a pitcher of water since the kitchen felt nice and clean and I had the extra time to do it. Now we have enough water for the day until we get that bill paid!

Thanks FlyLady,

Flying in New Jersey

FlyLady Rebecca here: Do you have a Shiny Sink Story? Let us know, and send an email with MY SHINY SINK STORY in the subject line to flylady@flylady.net!

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