Pamper Mission 05-22-2022

Summer and spring can be rough on our skin! Days spent enjoying the beautiful sun outdoors can cause built up dead skin and dehydrate our healthy skin. Our Pamper Mission for today is to take care of that yucky skin and make our bodies glow. Spend a few minutes in the shower with a nice sugar body scrub and refresh your skin. You’ll come out glowing and radiant and feel quite pampered! Here’s an easy recipe for a sugar body scrub made from stuff we tend to have in our pantries. No need to run out and buy an expensive drugstore scrub when you can make one at home!

Sugar Body Scrub:

Add 1/4 cup white granulated sugar to 1/4 cup brown sugar and mix together. Drizzle in Olive Oil until it is well soaked. Use your own judgement here. Add more oil if you want it saturated and use less oil if you’d prefer a more dry scrub. It’s your own personal preference. You can stop here and you’ve got a sugar scrub or you can go a step further and make it smell yummy. You can add in a few drops of vanilla extract, some essential oil, or even some lemon zest!  Whatever scent you love.

It’s that easy! You now have your very own Sugar Body Scrub. Hop in the shower and scrub some on- concentrate on those rough areas like knees and elbows. Your body will thank you!

You deserve it!

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