Ten Minutes is not Long Enough

Hi FlyLady,

We moved from a 2 bedroom condo in Chicago to a 4 bedroom 3 bath home in Michigan. I have been on the wagon with your ideas and then off again. My question is about home blessing hour. My house is big enough that ten minutes really doesn’t do it? Can I set the timer for a long period of time? I tried dusting today and I didn’t hear the timer go off because I was too far away from it. I am not sure how long it took me to dust the house.

Thanks, Cindy

FlyLady here: Cindy Cindy Cindy! You have allowed your perfectionism to make a simple task of dusting into something to be dreaded. This is why we came up with our FlyLady Feather duster. Keep in mind that Weekly Home Blessing hour is not DETAILED CLEANING HOUR. Detailed cleaning is what our daily missions are all about.

You are not allowed to set your timer for more than 10 minutes. I do not want you to crash and burn. Weekly Home Blessing is just about getting the middles done. Don’t pull out couches or pick up the things on your end tables. Use your feather duster fast.

One time someone came to my house to see just how in the world I could dust whole our whole home in two minutes. I put on some fun music and did it for her. If I can do my whole house in 2 minutes with my feather duster then you can do your 4 bedroom home in 10 minutes.

Here is a little fact that you may not have know. Dust does not get under items on the tables. That is why the feather duster is so great at working its magic feather all around your pretty things.

Here is another option for you so you can hear your timer. If you have two floors then do a Weekly Home Blessing on Monday’s for your first floor. Then on Friday do another Weekly Home Blessing for your second floor. We don’t have to dust like our mothers did. I remember as a child being given that white glove test. We are the boss of our homes. There is no one who is going to do this to you.

Please let go of your perfectionism and remember that housework done incorrectly still blesses your family!

Here is an essay I wrote about how to use a feather duster.

We all know about being forced to dust the way our mother’s wanted us to do it! We do not have to be be our mothers to dust! We can do it our way! Feather dusters are an amazing tool that helps us to have fun and at the same time get the job done!

They don’t just move the dust around they pick it up with all of their thousands of tiny feathers. Each plume is made up of these little feathers. They do all the work, so you don’t have to!

I like to hold my duster as if it were a pencil! Then with little quick flicks of the duster; the feathers surround the items on your tables and pick up the dust so you don’t have to pick up the item. Did you know that dust does not get under the items on your tables; just around them.

If you use your duster every day then you will never have to see dust again. Isn’t that what our routines do for us! When we develop habits our homes clean themselves. Just a few short minutes in the morning and then in the evening along with picking up after yourself and your house can be on automatic pilot too!

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