Can You Make the Paper Clutter Go Away?

Dear FlyLady,

I have been working on my paper piles and I am a new FlyBaby. It seems as if even though I am throwing papers away, I feel like all I’m doing is moving the same pile of papers from place to place. What can I do to make it all just go away???

Teresa in So Cal

Dear Teresa,

I will answer your question with what another FlyBaby did to help herself. We have to contain the papers. Then, the best thing we can do is use a shredder to dispose of them. I think the reason we hold on to our paper clutter is because we are so scared of identity theft. I just told Robert I would like a new shredder. We have a real fireplace and a few handfuls of shredded paper that can’t be recycled (our name on it) would help to start my day fires.

What you have to do to make it go away is make a decision. Can this be thrown away? If it can, then do it. A shredder will help; you can’t take it back and put it on a pile once it is shredded.


Here is the testimonial that I think may help you:

Dear FlyLady:

I have been FLYing off and on for about two years and I am back on track and am seeing results.

I recently purchased the decluttering kit and have been amazed at how useful it has been for me. I had six boxes in my bedroom from when I moved. I just couldn’t get myself to unpack them because they contained mostly paper that needed filing.

Using the “Throw Away” and “Put Away” bags I was able to get through these boxes this past weekend. Part of my block to doing this task was the amount that needed to be done, but doing it “fifteen minutes at a time” made it mentally so much more manageable and having the bags meant I spent most of the time sorting. I still have some work to do with the papers; they are now in two piles, “to file” and “to open,” but I know I will be able to tackle them fifteen minutes at a time.

Thank you so much for all you do! It was so nice to see those empty boxes and have space open up in my bedroom. It made the whole room look different.

Flying in VA

FlyLady here: We have to quit making more piles for ourselves and contain our paper clutter. You can’t organize clutter! You have to get rid of it, one handful and 15 minutes at a time!

We have everything you need to keep your home shining! Sometimes we need a little motivation. Our efficient tools give us a jump start! They make a tough job fun. If you make it fun; it will get done!

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