I was Skeptical

I was quite skeptical that ANYTHING would motivate my four kids (Alex 9, Kristina 7, Katie 5, Matthew, 3) to clean-up or maintain their rooms. We showed them some videos from the website, and they sang “The HF is comin’ to my house” for most of the evening. Alex now makes his bed every morning and picks up the floor before bed (that never happened before). The girls’ room looked like someone threw a hand grenade in the door. With some mommy help, we can now see the floor plus all clothes are put away. It still needs to have some toys and dolls find a new home, but a big improvement. Katie now asks what she can do to help clean the rest of the house. Kristina is my big challenge…. For the first HF visit, there were membership cards, HF rules and introductory letter left on the desk with a tiny bit of fairy dust. In a room that you could not see the carpet for all of the clothes, toys, dolls, books, papers and garbage on it, Kristina sees the glitter and complains “That House Fairy left a mess on my desk! I thought that she was supposed to help kids clean their rooms, not leave a mess!” My husband and I almost choked to death laughing at this.


The new House Fairy Program was designed with we Flybabies in mind. We need to follow baby steps and so do our kids. That doesn’t, however mean that we can’t have instant results like this mom had. When kids watch the House Fairy, their precious and powerful imaginations kick in to give them instant motivation to keep their rooms neat and clean as well as mind their manners and be kind. Visit here to learn more!

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