Don’t Let The Holidays Pack on the Pounds

  If you have The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! I hope you can take a little time to re-read it as Cynthia did. It’ll just remind you who’s in charge.


Dear Pam,

I told myself last month, “I’m gonna eat whatever I want through the holidays and you can’t stop me.” Well you can tell by the tone of that sentence that Miss C (my inner child) was the one speaking.

I’m sure you’ve had trouble with Nelly during the holidays and so I got your Mouth Trap book back out and re-read it. It gave me such ammunition for dealing with that little voice in me that has a sweet tooth, a starch tooth and a grain tooth! Thank you for sharing your success by figuring out how to deal with that immature, sabotaging part of you.

By re-reading the book it reinforced my ability to win the inner battle with myself. I truly can be my worst enemy or my own best friend. I like being a friend of myself and overindulging during the holidays is not the way to stay friends.   


If you haven’t got the book, I share my journey to lose 35 pounds by constantly staying in touch with Nelly, my inner child. She’s tricky, and often during festive times she gets on an entitlement kick. I have to be vigilant especially during Christmastime because our society celebrates with sugar and like Miss C, Nelly has a sweet tooth.


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