Pamper Mission 12-03-2023

Hi again friends! I’m super excited to share this week’s Pamper Mission with you. We’ve all been working so hard to make the holidays special this year and we deserve a break, right? And today’s Pamper Mission is just that… take a break! Yep, you heard me. Sit there and do absolutely nothing for at least 15 minutes. More if you can spare it! Kick your feet up and just relax. No making a to do list, no answering work emails, no decluttering the magazines on the table beside you. RELAX! Want an added health benefit while doing nothing? Give yourself a scalp massage! Some “experts” claim that a daily scalp massage will help your hair grow longer and faster. Even if they are wrong, who cares! You still get a nice relaxing head massage out of it! Lol. Set your timer and GOOOOOO!

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