Sensory Nanny

Are you raising a child who has special needs?  Having a child with sensory processing difficulties or a developmental delay can provide additional challenges to your daily family life.  I have experienced these challenges both as a professional and as a parent.  I have the pleasure of being both a pediatric occupational therapist as well as the mother of children with autism.  I have noticed that although there is much information on techniques and programs to help your child, there is very little information on how to help your child while also keeping your family strong.  There is no one “who has been there” to give you guidance or support as you give your child a bath or brush their teeth while they are screaming so loudly that you are sure that the authorities will be called.  There is no one there to give perspective as you have the parent of a “typical” child tell you that “if you would just, (I’ll let you fill in the blank), then he/she wouldn’t act like that”.  In the midst of trying to do all the therapy, programs, and play groups to “fix” your child…you may feel like you are losing something….you!

As an occupational therapist, I can provide you with information about how your child may be experiencing their world.  I can give you homework hints, and strategies that may make your evenings run more smoothly.   My passion however, is to provide you with practical strategies and perspective to help not only your child, but your entire family navigate through this time in your life as a whole.  I know that sometimes the thought of raising a child with sensory difficulties or developmental delays can be overwhelming, but you are not alone.  You are fine, and everything is going to be ok.  Join us on Blogtalk Radio for Sensory Nanny on Wednesdays at 7:00 EST.  On this weekly call in show, I answer your questions about sensory processing, parenting children with special needs, and providing your child with the tools they need to help them reach their highest potential.  We also discuss family issues, and the importance of providing a consistent and loving home environment for everyone in your family including you.




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