No Streaks On My Fridge

Dear FlyLady,

I believe there is a difference in the quality of the finish on stainless steel refrigerators. My daughter has a more expensive brand and never has streaks on her refrigerator. I have tried several different brands of stainless steel cleaner and made myself crazy trying to keep my less expensive refrigerator clean and streak-free…and then I thought of my purple rags!

The Purple Rags worked beautifully!  No streaks! No more chemicals running down the front faster than I can wipe! No more wasted paper towels!!! Thank you for such wonderful products!!

Now if you would just make a smaller floor duster the size of a Swiffer. I bought yours and it is too big to go around my floors outside the rugs.

Flybaby Barb Fluttering in Bethel, OH

FlyLady here: My sweet sister-in-law actually uses a purple rag on her Swiffer to mop her floors. FlyLady Liz uses her mop side-ways to get into those narrow places.

FCCpackOur purple Rags in a Bag are part of our SuperDuper Summer Sale. This sale ends tonight at midnight! 


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