I Just Need to Know How to Use the Tools

Dear FlyLady,

I bought the “deluxe” set when I first signed up.  May I just say my sink is always shiny!!

XL deluxe collage title 400But with all the other deluxe equipment – I am still not sure what to use for what and thus feel “overwhelmed” by my new cleaning things. Is there a list some where such as Purple cloths: dusting, washing walls…. etc Micro fiber floor duster: seems obvious but what else is it good for And what to I mop my kitchen vinyl floor with?whats the Rubba Scubba thing??etc. Most are still in the box!

I just need a little help and a list please!!

Thank you,

New FlyBaby Seattle Suzy

Dear Suzy,

Don’t be afraid to use anything that came the box. Don’t allow your perfectionism to stand in the way of using the tools you have.

Let me start with the Multi-Wand. It is a transforming dusting/washing wand. You can use it on your cars, walls, ceiling fans, and cobwebs. When you remove the bottom you can attach it to your mop handle for added reach. You can bend it any way you need to. I just had a though that it might work well for cleaning out our back gutters without having to climb.

Next is the XL Mop head. Is 4 inches longer than our original mop. It comes with the chenille mop cloth and can be used wet or dry. One fun thing I have recognized is that you don’t have to sweep before you mop! Dog hair comes right out of the chenille cloth with a quick spray. Check out my video.

The Rubba Sweepa is our broom. I use it on floors, throw rugs, getting snow off of vehicles, and windows. It has a squeegee side that is great for windows. It is going to come in handy for all the people in Texas and Louisiana. It will muck out the mud and nastiness from the flooded homes and businesses. 

The Purple Rags are an amazing tool. They need to be washed in a bucket full of hot water to set the purple dye. After the dye has been rinsed out there is not much that they can’t do. I keep one in my tub for exfoliating my skin. They clean windows, doors, and mirrors. I have used them to get paint scratches from a ding in a parking lot. I washed dishes with them. The list goes on for ever.

The Rubba Swisha is a toilet bowl brush. We all know how to use those. I have used a clean one to scrub the shower floor. We have had testimonials from husbands claiming they they were the best back scratcher. LOL The wife had to order another one for the bathroom.

The Rubba Scrubba is our first rubba tool. It can be used for anything that needs to be scrubbed. It works on pets, pet hair on couches, kitty litter, scrubbing vegetables, dishes, elbows, knees, bottom of shoes, carpet in cars, and countless other ways. All you have to do is grab it and try it. We have lots of instructional videos on our YouTube Page.

Don’t be afraid. These tools are resilient. Everything you purchase from us helps us to keep FlyLady email messages free for everyone. Thank you so much!

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