I Need A Calendar I Can See

Dear FlyLady,

Earlier this week, DH (Dear Husband) and I were sitting in our side-by-side recliners discussing something, and I’m sure it must have been important, because some of it was louder than normal for a little while there.

One of the things I remember in detail was my husband asking, “How can I be expected to know what day it is if I can’t even see the calendar?!” (Let me explain two things: He may be in early Alzheimer’s dementia, AND that in our 14×14′ living room two calendars were in sight; one from the Dollar store, about half the size of the calendar I had hanging on the side of the fridge, which was only 8′ away.)

“I need a calendar I can SEE. . . like that one there on the fridge. . . where did you get that?” “FlyLady,” was my calm reply, as I got up to switch their residing places. As I sat back down again, he hove a sigh of relief and said, “Now THAT is a calendar!” and he smiled.

I have a set of multicolored Markies with which I write my appointments in green, his in red, OURS in black, payday gets a yellow hi-liter, and really outstanding appointments with specific other people are written in or underlined or circled in orange and/or blue. (Got to use ALL of those colors, you see! LOL).

Thanks to your calendar, I KNOW we won’t forget to go, and I KNOW where the tickets are! (We don’t get to go until the Ides of March!)

Thanks to your awesome calendar, a family discussion remained just that. . . instead of becoming a fight. Thank you!

FlyBaby M in Indiana

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