February Habit #19 It Is Small But It Is Ours

Dear FlyLady,

We moved in the middle of our major decluttering. We removed 1/3 of our possessions, and 15 minutes at a time felt lighter and lighter. My husband for the first time since I have known him was seeing that life is more than just managing all the objects we acquire.

Now we have moved to our new 900 sq.ft. home with our three children. Yes, it is small but it is ours! 😀 It is less than half the size of our old home. Which means it seems we are still suffocating. There is a three foot path leading to each room and that is it!! We decided to have a huge yard sale. 15 minutes at a time we will go through every object in the next two weeks. I am not sure how we are going to set up an area for all the things we will be blessing others with giving away, and selling, but it is going to happen. I am determined to not become a slave to my stuff again. I use things as tools, they don’t rule me anymore!! My husband (though I have never tried to change him, just loved him where he is at) is catching on after all these years, too. Thank you for showing me the tools of patience and endurance. <3

With love from a long time Flybaby,

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