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Blessing the World

When you come to us you are usually looking for a way to get your home clean. The clutter has taken over and you feel as if you are about sink for the third time.

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Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? This is how we all feel when we are living in CHAOS!

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I Don’t Have Time Right Now

Why do we allow our perfectionism to creep in even when we are only going to do 15 minutes worth of decluttering?

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Tell Me Where to Start; I Work Outside of our Home

I often quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when I am answering emails. Here is his exact quote that we usually paraphrase.

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Honey or Vinegar?

My grandmother always told me that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

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Godly Perspective on Loving Yourself

Last night I received an email that said, I don’t think telling myself that I love me, is going to get me closer to God.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Flying

I have a big surprise waiting for you the next time you go shopping, junk store hopping, or even Yard sailing(I didn’t spell this wrong).

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Chaos is Everywhere

Hi FlyLady! I’ve recently resubscribed to your reminders as my life is back in CHAOS!!! Yes, I said “life” not “home,” because the CHAOS is everywhere! I just had my performance review at work today, and I’ll tell ya… I’m … Continue reading

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We Were Told We Could Have It All

From the day we were born, as women we were told we could have it all; Career, family, home, and a satisfied life.

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List Maker, List Maker, Make Me a List

We all love lists. We make them every day and look at them.

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