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Pamper Mission 10/23/16

I finally gave in and went to the salon to get my roots touched up last week.

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Nothing Is Wrong With Me

I think I may have been one of the first SHE’s to buy your original book when it went national.

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Tons of Lint Everywhere

I found out how important it is to clean the lint out of the dryer regularly. I hadn’t done it recently, thinking, “Oh, it has only been a couple of years since it was cleaned – I’m sure it is still okay.” Yeah, right. Yesterday my clothes kept coming out of the dryer damp.

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You Are So Loved Just The Way You Are

Have you ever wondered how another person can know you so well, without really knowing you personally?

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Expectations and Assumptions

Today we’re going to talk about three psychological effects that can significantly affect the way students are treated and evaluated in school.  See if you recognize any of them. First, let’s look at the Matthew Effect.  This phenomenon was named … Continue reading

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Unclogging a Barn Drain

I’ve been following you for years!

Recently I decided to give some of your products a try, and among them was the clog cannon. I’ve had this pesky clog in our barn milk room sink. Due to the variety of critters in our barn, eventually all kinds of things are washed down the drain.

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Young@Heart: Woodland, Washington

Woodland, Washington is a cozy, rural town of approximately 5,000 in population.

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Thank Goodness for My Dryer Lint Kit

I use the brushes once a month and I’m amazed at how much lint comes out each time.

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Food For Thought: 7 Dinner Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

Regardless of how you feel about cooking, nobody wants to be a slave to the kitchen.

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I Can’t Wait To Use It More

I just recently started taking babysteps again after a long hiatus! I have purchased some of your cleaning products and was intrigued by the rags.

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