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Great Inspiration – Hidden Treasures

I have been following Flylady since, well, many years. I found Paddi’s book to be an extra little added prod to get me to re-read Sink Reflections and get my act back together.

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Improved My Life

I got my order from you this week and the water bottles are AMAZING. I just placed another order for three more for my kids.

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Supply The Opposite

The only way to stop a wrong thought is to supply the opposite.

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No More Oily Residue

I am amazed– simply amazed– by how well the purple rags work!! SO much so, that I simply had to write!

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September Habit #29 I Was Grateful

Dear Fly lady, I don’t have a real place for a launching pad in my home. But I do have a ‘pad system’. My night before routine includes the entire day. I put things that need to go with me … Continue reading

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I Had A Wonderful Day

Today I had the most wonderful day and it was all because I was dressed to shoes!

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Another Use For A Feather Duster

In the past year I found myself living alone after forty odd years of marriage.

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Where Do You Store Your Rubba Swisha?

Where do you store the Rubba Swisha?

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Love My Calendar

I absolutely LOVE my calendar!!

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Clog Prevention

I purchased the Clog Cannon and I can’t tell you how wonderful this product is! When I saw it on your website, I thought it made so much sense, and I was right.

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