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No More Late Inspections

My new FlyLady Calendar just came in the mail a few days ago.

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Lost Then Found

I have had a water bottle for some time now. I thought it was lost and just had to reorder!

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I Saw The Shiny Light

I have a complaint about the purple rags. They work so well that I can’t stop trying them on my toughest cleaning jobs.

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We Came Up With A Solution

So, thanks to you, we have a solution. I have began creating my control journal, and he uses it!

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With Just A Little Swoop

I just ordered my second feather duster and Rubba Scrubba and your water bottle . Your products are absolutely AMAZING!

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Enjoying Blessing My Family

One of the best ways I pampered myself, was by ordering a whole bunch of FlyLady merchandise.

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Finally Able to do Detailed Zone Cleaning

I finally reached a milestone for the first time in five years since we moved into our fixer-upper house… I was decluttered enough so I could do a Detailed Zone Cleaning in the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. I was and still am SO HAPPY!

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They Keep Amazing Me

I have to thank you all for the amazing stainless water bottles.

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She’s Got A Sneaky Inner Child

Susan has learned an art. She is able to be aware of sabotaging thinking.

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Just A Tiny Bit of Water

Like most others, this is my first testimonial. I have been FLYing off and on for a little over 4 years now.

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