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Children and the Holidays

Some of us cruise through the holidays, and others succumb to the stress and the never-ending parade of events and obligations.

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Your Amazing Calendar

I thought you might appreciate my 5 year-old-DD’s comment about your amazing calendar.

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Young@Heart: Announcing the Cleaner Guy Videos

I’m pleased and excited to announce that we have a series of free “how to clean” videos on my website.

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Food For Thought: LOVE

Love is the thing. It’s The Thing.

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Pamper Mission 12/04/16

Sometimes a sensational pampering mission is just around the corner… or to be more exact, around the corner, in the closet, on the bottom shelf.

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Do You Have ADD? Take The Quiz!

Have you ever taken a quiz to see if you have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)?

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Is It Easier Not To Gain Weight or Lose It After You Gain It?

Let’s face it; the holidays are more a Celebration of Carbohydrates than they are a celebration of our spirituality!

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School Bureaucracy IV: Be A Positive Voice For A Change

Today we’ll discuss other ways to be a positive voice for change.

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Young@Heart: There’s No Such Thing As Time

If you didn’t have any appointments on a particular day, could you spend the entire day not knowing what time it is?

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My Neighbor Broke Into My House

My daughter and I fight over who gets to dust with your feather duster! It’s definitely become our favorite part of the weekly home blessing.

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