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This Encouragement Helps Make a Dent In Clutter

I’ve been getting your wonderful e-mails for quite awhile. So far I have mastered shiny sink, dressed to shoes, swish and swipe the bathroom, make my bed every morning, and setting up a hot spot on the kitchen table to walk out the door.

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After Military Life

I can honestly say that for the past two years since I’ve gotten out of the military, I have wondered where all my focus and energy went.

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Look How This Has Changed My Life

I have only been flying a few months. I just need to mention few things.

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Plumber Was Impressed

I recently had the water heater replaced in the condominium in which I live.

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No More Bending

Just discovered the most wonderful use for the MULTI WAND.

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A Good Investment

I love the Carpet Sweepa! I am glad that I invested in it, as it motivates me to attend to my rugs more regularly.

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March Habit #15 My Laced Up Shoes are Tingling

My Fly Wings are beginning to flutter.

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Bought on a Whim

Just wanted to let you know I used the Rubba Scrubba.

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A Busy Place

I’m the grandma in a multi-generational household…all the ‘ kids’ are early 20’s except the youngest who is 16.

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The Thorn in My Side

We built our dream home 12 years ago. My husband, daughters and I are very meticulous so we have no problem keeping it clean and clutter free.

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