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Read It Again

I am very happy I decided to read Sink Reflections again.

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My Life Story

I was checking out Amazon for books on how to clean house quickly. I saw the picture of the FlyLady on your book, read the reviews, and found a copy at the library.

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Pamper Mission 09-23-2018

Fall is almost here! And so are the cooler temperatures in many parts of the world.

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Intentionally Flying

I thought I’d take a minute to say thank you. I have been intentionally flying this year and I can proudly report your routines have become my routines!

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Always With Me

You and yours have always been with me.

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September Habit #18 One Simple Habit

Well, I have a one year old son and a three year old, and I have found myself going to bed later and later,

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Pamper Mission 09-16-2018

I finally gave in and went to the salon to get my roots touched up last week.

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Month to Month

Menu planning has been hit and miss for our family.

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A Gift to Myself

I just love you! Today I received my Complete Cleaning System.

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They are So Efficient

A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to order the Rubba Swish and Swipe set to see what all the fuss was about.

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