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I Can Thrive

I’ve been flying since the summer after my second child was born.

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Positive in Everything

I’m not a full fledged flyer yet, but I’m working on it.

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Pamper Mission 07-15-2018

It’s time to focus on those sweet feet of yours again. If your soles and heels are rough from wearing sandals all summer, FlyBaby Lori has a suggestion for you!

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Pick Up Where I Left Off

Over a couple of years, I had established most of your routines…getting dressed to shoes, shiny sink always, reboot

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To The Newbies: It Works!

I have been receiving the FlyLady emails for several years, and I always read them.

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Busy Tizzy Life

We have looked hard at our procrastinating personalities and why we are so good at putting things off till later.

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Pamper Mission 07-08-2018

It’s a brand new week and that means it’s time to shower ourselves with some pampering.

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From Burden to Blessing

I am a fluttering FlyGuy and have been fluttering on and off for several years.

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Pamper Mission 07-01-2018

Welcome to our brand new pamper mission!

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Shared My Enthusiasm

I have procrastinated long enough–it is time for my testimonial to you.

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