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August Habit #21 I Would Have Procrastinated

Your “a load a day” saved my bacon the first week I joined FlyLady – back in April. The water was out so my usual washer load or two a day wasn’t possible – I was going to have to hand wash in the creek. (This was just daily life for me on another island for three whole years long long ago when my kids were little).

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I Just Need to Listen

I learned about you probably 2 years ago now. A friend referred me to your website because you had helped her so much.

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August Habit #20 I’ve Earned A Sticker

I’ve started using my delay function on the washing machine. Before I go to bed at night, I get a load of washing ready to go, and then it’s freshly washed by about 6.30am and I can hang it on the line before my almost-2-year-old gets out of bed.

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Pamper Mission 08-20-2017

Hi friends! Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new Pamper Mission.

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Less Overwhelming

I’m a newlywed, and your routines have been so helpful as my husband and I adjust to having our own place and making a home together.

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August Habit #19 Laundry Tip Occurred By Accident

I got really tired of all the drama around “where is my blue shirt” or “why don’t I have any clean socks”.

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Best of the Best

I have used the FlyLady system for many years. I love to organize always have going back to my first school supplies.

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August Habit #18 One That Was A Lifesaver

I have been fluttering for about 5 years now. Some things are in order but other parts of my life/house are still in chaos.

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How Do I Keep My Car Clean?

I have had great success decluttering our home. For some reason I keep procrastinating about cleaning out my car.

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He Wanted IN

I am new to flylady and I’m working on the baby steps right now.

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