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What is the “Do It Now” Principle?

What is the “Do It Now Principle” please?

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My Daughter Age 9 Asked to Use the Carpet Sweepa

The last time I tried to use our vacuum I believe the belt burned up.

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The Carpet Sweepa is the Real Deal

WOW! WOW! WOW! Words almost fail me!

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German Shepherd Approved

I just got my new Carpet Sweepa and I LOVE IT!

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You Never Have to See Dirt Again

Our routines give us wings. Something as simple as a little habit can change your world if you will allow it.

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I have a Pet Hair Problem

Does the Carpet Sweepa work on pet hair?

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When Do I Use the Chenille Mop Cloth?

I am excited that the Basic Cleaning System arrived this week.

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Rome Was Not Built in a Day

Our impatience sets us up for failure!

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We Are Blessed to be Butterflies

My heart goes out to you! I know how you have been put down because of your imagination, creativity and sidetrackedness.

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Today is Anti Procrastination Day

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day! What have you been putting off?

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