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How Do I Tame the CHAOS Monster?

Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona. I became a FlyBaby back in August.

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How Do I Keep My Car Clean?

I have had great success decluttering our home. For some reason I keep procrastinating about cleaning out my car.

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August Habit #9 From CHAOS To Peace

I have been a FlyBaby for several years and will never forget the euphoria of first finding you. I was at the end of my rope, drowning in clutter from having two kids under two and recovering from a year of illness.

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Can You Help? Is This Strange?

My big problem is that the thought of being truly organized “forever” absolutely terrifies me!

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What’s Next Perfectionism

I want to talk a little about our whole system. As SHEs we have a tendency to want to see the big picture before we even start.

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My Pantry is a Mess

I need to clean out my kitchen pantry closet!

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You Might Be a Perfectionist If

How can I be a perfectionist if my house is so messy!

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Does a Feather Duster Really Work?

Didn’t you know that feather dusters only push the dust around. This is not good for people with allergies.

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Anxiety When You Declutter

Clutter has been our security blanket for a very long time.

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Retired Couple Needs Help Decluttering

I’m 65 and husband 70. Both retired.

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