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The Christmas Crunch is Here

Many of us are feeling the Christmas Crunch. Don’t get in a panic!

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30 Years of Baked on Grease

I’ve been fluttering and crashing for 3 years or so .

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11 Steps to a Clean Car

Paper clutter invades every area of our lives. One of the last places we conquer is the paper clutter in our cars. Sometimes it is so bad that we are too ashamed to let anyone ride with us.

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Getting Your Children to Help

This next week I am going to focus on how we can get our children to keep their rooms clean.

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What is a Rubba Sweepa?

What is a Rubba Sweepa, and how do I use it?

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Pep Rally Time!

When we were developing our website in 2001; we decided we needed a cartoon character for us to identify with.

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