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11 Steps to Cruise Stress Free through the Holidays

Every year we declare that this year we will be ready for the holidays and every single year we find ourselves wrapping gifts or running to the grocery at the last minute.

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What Do I Do With Homeless Items?

What do I do with “HOMELESS” items when I declutter?

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Free Yourself from Guilt!

Do you look around your home and see a pile here and a pile there?

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Getting Your Children to Help

This next week I am going to focus on how we can get our children to keep their rooms clean.

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Hot Spots are Dumping Grounds

Is your home more than 15 minutes worth of messy?

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The Challenge of Having a Clean Desk

There are so many papers on your desk that it takes for ever to sort or plow through them to find the one thing you are looking for.

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Unexpect Bonus of FLYing

I have a big surprise waiting for you the next time you go shopping

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September Habit #6 Peaceful and Orderly Start

Last night we had some friends over, and just before they left, I started to feel very ill. At my husband’s suggestion, I went straight to bed after they were gone. For the first time since I started flying a month ago, I didn’t do my Before Bed Routine.

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I’m Free of Guilt

I discovered you late last year. I’m a work in progress, but boy I’ve come a long way.

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Help Me Release My Clutter

I’ve been fluttering around for a while now but putting off decluttering.

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