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Time to Get Off the Merry-Go-Round

Did your kitchen ever get so dirty that you had to spend several hours cleaning?

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Time to Quit Whining

I think it is time we had a heart to heart chat about what our perfectionism does to us and our homes.

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Where do I DeClutter?

I have restarted the decluttering process, in a different home from when I first found you. I am decluttering some every day, taking baby steps and seeing some progress.

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I Can See Clearly Now!

This morning I started playing iTunes Roulette. I love when a song reminds me of an essay.

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A Place for Everything

We want a home that hugs us! But where do we start?

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Help Me with My Digital Clutter

Can you help me with digital clutter?

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What is Your Legacy?

Two years ago today my Mom passed away at age 83.

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Childrens’ Artwork and School Papers!

Do you have any suggestions on how to organize my six-year-old daughter’s school papers and projects?

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Free Yourself from Guilt!

Do you look around your home and see a pile here and a pile there?

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Are You Having Anxiety Over Clutter?

Clutter has been our security blanket for a very long time. It protected us from people, hard times and having to face ourselves.

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