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Clutter Has a Life of Its Own

Your clutter is standing in your way!

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Help Me Avoid Cluttering Up My New Home

I’ll move to a new, clutter free home at the beginning of March and it took me weeks to get rid of all the clutter in the tiny apartment where I lived for the last 12 years…

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What Do I Do with Homeless Items

What do I do with “HOMELESS” items when I declutter?

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My Pantry is a Mess

I need to clean out my kitchen pantry closet!

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Piles of Laundry Cause CHAOS in Your Home

In a few days we will start practicing a new habit!

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Why is Decluttering so Important?

Everyday someone complains about having to get rid of things. They have the don’t wannas! Do you fall into this category too?

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Collateral Cleaning When in Project Mode

Clutter comes off in layers!

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How Can 15 Minutes Make A Difference?

My home is filled with clutter, how can only doing 15 minutes a day of decluttering make a difference?

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Stop the Crash and Burn

I get asked many times when do I get to do my sewing, scrap booking or any other hobby or craft.

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Release the Clutter and FLY

During one of my midnight excursions to let a dog in or a cat out and then to reverse the operation, I had a God Breeze.

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