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Kitchen Remodel the Simple Way

This week we are in Zone 2 our Kitchens! This is the heart of our home.

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Pamper Mission 05-08-2022

Have you pampered yourself this week?

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Make Life Easier

Your voice in my ear is working! I’m a classic scatterbrained fly-baby,

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Where Do I Declutter?

I have restarted the decluttering process in a different home from when I first found you.

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True Confession from My Cluttered Life

Most of us love to watch house make over shows on television or the internet.

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It’s Not a Race

I started off 2017 with the ultimate goal in mind..I wanted to be one of “those” moms.

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Great Encouragement

I am a fluttering flybaby (at 46!) and just wanted to say that I find great encouragement in the ‘jump in where you are’ statement.

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Snapshot That Shows You The Truth

Have you been thinking about buying a new house because you are running out of room in your current home?

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You Will Understand This

I could cry for joy when I look around at my clean house this morning!

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How Do I Use Your Mop?

I’m trying to find information about what’s best to use to clean wood floors, but there is so much conflicting info on internet.

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