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From Super-Sized to Down-Sized

We have been living a supersized lifestyle for a very long time.

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Does a Feather Duster Really Work?

Didn’t you know that feather dusters only push the dust around. This is not good for people with allergies.

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How Do I Use Your Mop?

I’m trying to find information about what’s best to use to clean wood floors, but there is so much conflicting info on internet.

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You Will Understand This

I could cry for joy when I look around at my clean house this morning!

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I Feel Like Super Mom

My SIL (sister in law) recommended your babysteps when I was in the nesting phase of my pregnancy last year and I am so glad that I checked out your program.

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I Have Overwhelming Guilt

Easter is almost over and all I have to show for it is this guilt over this clutter.

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Shared My Enthusiasm

I have procrastinated long enough–it is time for my testimonial to you.

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How do I decide where to start decluttering?

If you are having a hard time deciding where to start then follow our zones.

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Every Little Bit Counts

I was in the consignment shop, waiting in line to hand over 10 items (the weekly limit) I no longer love or use.

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The Dishes are Piling Up

One of my biggest struggles in keeping my apartment clean is the dishes.

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