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What About My To Do List?

I really appreciate all of the FlyLady advice on setting up routines so I can get my everyday tasks done.

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Great Expectations

With our personalities we often expect the worst.

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Try Something New

I love that decluttering is part of your system.

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Routines Are Habits

I wanted to let you know that I never knew how much all of the routines have sunk in until today.

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What about Decluttering my Closets?

My problem is in areas behind closed doors like closets and garages and attic spaces.

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A Superb Water Bottle

I take it everywhere now! It doesn’t leak or spray! So thank you for the superb water bottle! I can’t wait to order other products.

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Go Me!

Big hugs for everyone today! I’m so excited! I am a “new” FlyBaby.

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Company is Coming! Please Help!

We have family coming for a visit. I need some help.

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Learning New Tricks

This is a good motto: OHIO

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How do I decide where to start decluttering?

If you are having a hard time deciding where to start then follow our zones.

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