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Changing Negative Self-Thoughts

You have influenced my home and my thought process in so many ways – I can’t thank you enough!

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Martyred Attitudes

We come from a very long line of martyrs. This is a bad habit! It is hard for us to kick.

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What is a Basic Weekly Plan?

The question has been asked more than once: what is a Basic Weekly Plan?

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I Wish I Could Hug You

I wish I could hug you through my Ipad right now!

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Born Skeptic

I’ve been fluttering along for a while now. I’ve been in and out, never really followed the missions (how could I when there was SOOO much to get done!!!).

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March Habit #7 Protect Your Feet

The March habit has always been an easy one for me.

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How Do I Use Your Mop?

I’m trying to find information about what’s best to use to clean wood floors, but there is so much conflicting info on internet.

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March Habit #6 Keep The Shoes On

Not sure when I started with FLYLADY, I would guess 1990’s

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Grateful For Myself

I just have to thank you this afternoon for all that you have given me.

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Clothes are Everywhere

What can I do to get control over our clothes?

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