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Always Welcome At FlyLady

First let me say how sophisticated the website has become! I fall more in love with it every time I visit.

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I’m Not Mad Anymore

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing you and your team have been to my family.

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The Cheapest Remodel of All

We can get so stuck in a rut when our homes are in bad shape.

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I Wish I Could Hug You

I wish I could hug you through my Ipad right now!

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Another Brilliant Idea

The testimonial about “no more forgotten registration and inspections” made me want to share one more use for the wonderful FlyLady calendar.

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Two Minutes Makes My Home Shine

Last week I implemented my Two Minutes to Peace in my home.

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FLYing With 5 Little Ones

I couldn’t have made this household a home without your help.

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Ask FlyLady: We’ve Moved, How Do I Unpack?

So We are now moved into our house. There are so many boxes to unpack.

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Where Do I Put Things as I Declutter?

I really have one question that I cannot seem to figure out on my own!

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FlyLady Inspiration

Your many e-mails may seem like a lot, but you never know when one will be THE ONE that finally makes a mark in our little brains.

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