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How Do I Get Rid of Mental Clutter?

Is there something that is holding you down and keeping you from FLYing?

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What’s Next Perfectionism

I want to talk a little about our whole system. As SHEs we have a tendency to want to see the big picture before we even start.

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But What If I Don’t Have a Pantry

This is an essay from Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner.com. It is a blast from the past, 2001!

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August Habit #2 Laundry Monster Is Under Control

I tried doing one load a day, the FlyLady way, and it was not working for me. I couldn’t do it “perfectly”. So I decided to do one load a day, in my imperfect way, to keep the laundry monster under control. (And we use cloth diapers, which are additional laundry, so that says something!)

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FlyLady Inspiration

Your many e-mails may seem like a lot, but you never know when one will be THE ONE that finally makes a mark in our little brains.

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Building Foundations to Your Dreams

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I think this little cliche has put us into a state of unhappiness.

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Collateral Cleaning When in Project Mode

Clutter comes off in layers!

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I Love My Home

I have been fluttering for a couple of years now..

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Routines Are Habits

I wanted to let you know that I never knew how much all of the routines have sunk in until today.

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Can You Help Me?

I’m having trouble moving ahead with decluttering and missions though.

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