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A Dirty Rag and a Dryer Vent Story

Cleaning my dryer vent has always been routine for me, pretty mundane-up until this last time.

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Routines Are My Salvation

This past week, I’ve been browsing through the multitude of catalogs that come in the mail looking for items that cam help me take care of my grandmother. What I have found are many similar items to those in the FlyShop with BIG price tags

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Handfuls of Lint

Oh. My. Word.

I ordered the Dryer Lint Kit.

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New Use for the Dryer Lint Kit

I have enjoyed every single purchase from your shop! I don’t know if anyone else has given you this testimonial before, but I found a new use for your 3′ dryer brush.

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Dryer Lint Kit is a “No Brainer”

When you first told us about the Dryer Lint Kit, I ordered it because it seemed like a no-brainer.

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As Good As New

Just got my dryer kit. My space where my washer & dryer sits is very narrow. Because space is at a premium, I have my dryer on top of my washer. I’m tall, so it works well for me.

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So Many Uses for the Dryer Lint Kit

The lint vent brush is also perfect for snaking clogs in the vacuum cleaner. We recently replaced our carpet, so had a lot of small carpet padding pieces and fuzz from the install to clean up.

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More Than One Use

I wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful product that has other uses than its original intended purpose. The FlyLady dryer kit has worked wonders for cleaning our dryer vent and vent hose.

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I Couldn’t Believe All the Lint

WOW! Was my dryer vent full——you better believe it. Don’t know how my wash ever dried.

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Check For The Buildup

I always felt I was doing a good job of making sure the lint trap was cleaned after every load, and even used a brush to get down into the area where the lint trap goes, even past the length of the lint trap. I even tried to make sure that at least once a year or so I took the vent hose off and made sure it was clear. But the other day, I started to take a load of towels out of the dryer and noticed they were still slightly damp. I kept thinking about your emails about how built up lint can cause dryers to not run as efficiently and possibly cause fires, so I decided to venture deeper into “the belly of the beast.”

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