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July Habit #17 No Problems

When I am upstairs for a reason, I just use that bathroom and give it a Swish and Swipe.

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A Recipe for Pie

In the past we have been told about a purple soup that was called FlyLady Soup?

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How Do I Gain Control of my Office?

I noticed that the journal was pretty generic, for adaptability, but have you made any changes that you could share with us?

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! Yes, I mean YOU and ME!

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Please Do Yourself a Favor

Oh My Goodness! I just got my Carpet Sweepa about 10 minutes ago

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My Purple Rags Made My Tub Shine

Oh no, they didn’t! As I was swishing and swiping yesterday, I decided to clean the tub too.

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July Habit #16 Now To My Routine

I never walk into my bathrooms that I don’t notice the shining sinks and fixtures.

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Is Your Desk Messy?

Have you ever stopped and just looked at the condition of your desk?

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Starring My Feather Duster

Today I did my very first home blessing hour.

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Steady Progress

I want to thank you for your encouragement and support over the years. I read your emails for three years and never did anything.

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