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How to Climb Mt. Washmore

All of us have to do laundry, some only a couple of loads a week, while others have a dozen.

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Pamper Mission 08-01-2021

Hi Friends! Have you pampered yourself this week?

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A High Price to Pay

Like some others, I also had to learn the hard way to wear my lace-up shoes.

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July Habit #31 Passing On Good Habits

I really appreciated the e-mail from you that said to link it with another habit.

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Why Not a 12 Month Calendar?

Why make an 18 month calendar if you are buying a new one before you use more than 12 months?

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July Habit #30 Guest Bath Of Shame

I have been very embarrassed if anyone stopped by and needed to use it.

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Piles of Laundry Cause CHAOS in Your Home

In a few days we will start practicing a new habit!

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Nuggets of Truth

Thank you for your words of wisdom!

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July Habit #29 A Revelation

Since this month’s habit is the Swish and Swipe,

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Have You Been Living in the Projects?

Dear Friends, This week we are in Zone 5: The Living room. The living room is the place your guest go first. Don’t allow yourself to panic. We can help you get the rest of the house ready too, but … Continue reading

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