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I Gave Up Excuses

I have been fluttering off and on for years. We moved into a new house about 6 months ago.

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Love My Calendar

I absolutely LOVE my calendar!!

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July’s Live Musings on Sink Reflections

New Month to FLY! You can do this!

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July Habit #17 No Problems

When I am upstairs for a reason, I just use that bathroom and give it a Swish and Swipe.

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BabySteps to Cage the Paper Clutter Monster!

Paper clutter comes in three different types: Trash, Bills and Keep.

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Why Do We Get Stuck in Paper?

I just signed up for your emails.

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Not Buying Paper Towels Paid for My Rags

the huge savings we are seeing is that our use of paper towels for cleaning has shrank down to close to nothing!

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I Can Thrive

I’ve been flying since the summer after my second child was born.

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Your Amazing Calendar

I thought you might appreciate my 5 year-old-DD’s comment about your amazing calendar.

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July Habit #16 Now To My Routine

I never walk into my bathrooms that I don’t notice the shining sinks and fixtures.

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