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Starting Over with Baby Steps

My Husband had a Heart attack in July this year and all routines flew out the window.

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October Habit #19 Things Getting Even Better

I want to thank you for helping me to start getting my house in order!

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Crisis Cleaning Can Help You Get Started!

I know that some of you have trouble getting started because your home is so overwhelming. I have always found that if I get one room clean, it helps me to continue will the whole process.

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How Do I Encourage Clutter Free Gifts?

How do I encourage family to give clutter free gifts like gift certificates to the bowling alley or his favorite stops (we ride bikes alot around town) and not come off as pompous?

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! Yes, I mean YOU and ME!

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October Habit #18 All Together In One

Keeping my receipts organized is no longer a problem for me. I don’t have coupons all over the place either.

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Taking Control of My Health by FlyLady

Everything I learned from her has stayed with me all these years. It is what I use today!

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Shine Your Little Corner of the World

Many years ago on the first day of spring I headed down the curvy mountain road where I lived.

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Tip for a Good Holiday Season

Today I was asked by a magazine editor if I could give one tip for having a good holiday season what would that be?

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Steady Progress

I want to thank you for your encouragement and support over the years. I read your emails for three years and never did anything.

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