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Read It Again

I am very happy I decided to read Sink Reflections again.

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No Streaks On My Fridge

The Purple Rags worked beautifully! No streaks!

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Such An Important Tool

Just thought I’d share with you what a wonderful tool your calendar is!

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September Habit #24 I Can Do This

I have been so disorganized before bed that it would be after midnight before going to bed.

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Please Explain The Zones

I went on the website because I am still confused by the zone cleaning: how do the zones rotate? what do you do?

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No More Oily Residue

I am amazed– simply amazed– by how well the purple rags work!! SO much so, that I simply had to write!

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My Life Story

I was checking out Amazon for books on how to clean house quickly. I saw the picture of the FlyLady on your book, read the reviews, and found a copy at the library.

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The Carpet Sweepa is the Real Deal

WOW! WOW! WOW! Words almost fail me!

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September Habit #23 I Have Been Procrastinating

I have been procrastinating about doing my before bed routine, or so I thought.

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BabyStep Your Way to Routines

For several years I have been telling you that our new habits don’t form over night; that it takes time to establish your routines.

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