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March Habit #21 Taking Babysteps Together

After all, I get up and go to an office job 5-6 days a week that requires I wear shoes But I’ve turned the “Dressed to the Shoes” rule around and now my rule is to *not take off my shoes when I get home!*

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The Procrastination Rut

Have you gotten in a rut? Not a bad rut; but let’s say a comfortable rut.

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My Refrigerator Needs Help

My refrigerator is filled with science projects.

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After Military Life

I can honestly say that for the past two years since I’ve gotten out of the military, I have wondered where all my focus and energy went.

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March Habit #20 I Was Very Disciplined

The first day at home, knowing that shuffling around this house was going to be my daily agenda for the rest of my life … was disheartening. I felt like a bum in slippers and sweats … but after a few days it felt pretty darn good and I deserved a break, right? The manner of dress soon became my routine.

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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

This week our focus is on our master bedrooms. As a result we are also putting an extra emphasis on relationships.

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Look How This Has Changed My Life

I have only been flying a few months. I just need to mention few things.

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You Never Have to See Dirt Again

Our routines give us wings. Something as simple as a little habit can change your world if you will allow it.

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What is the Deal with Weekly Home Blessing?

I can’t seem to figure out the Weekly Home Blessing. What’s the deal?

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Provide Light

Your emails really make me feel so blessed to be a part of the Flylady community.

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