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He Wanted IN

I am new to flylady and I’m working on the baby steps right now.

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August Habit #17 My Biggest Challenge

As I am folding my laundry I pin any unmatched socks on to the board. This keeps me from putting odd socks away in drawers and never finding a match, and if I haven’t found their mates within 30 days they are recycled into rags or tossed out.

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Boost My Self-Esteem

I have been following you for almost 2 years and my house looks great!

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August Habit #16 My Control Journal My Laundry Days

I always had a problem with laundry but one day I had a Ah ha moment. I bought some of the fold up kind of baskets they don’t take up as much floor space. I have one for whites and one for colored clothes. Okay, that solved the sorting problem.

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Ask FlyLady: We Need Help in the Morning?

I work as a substitute teacher. I started last year and didn’t expect to end up working basically full-time hours , and my home showed it!

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A Revelation

I found you years ago when my husband was overseas with the Army and I had little ones.

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God Breezes are Blowing! Your Words Hold a Miracle

The God Breezes are blowing!

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Starting Over Again

Once upon a time I lived in a tiny apartment that was out of control and I lived with CHAOS.

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I Gave Up Excuses

I have been fluttering off and on for years. We moved into a new house about 6 months ago.

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11 Tips to Help Your Family

I have been brainstorming on how to help you enjoy

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