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Follow the Reminders

I just wanted to say thank you for finally getting through to me. I have tried many times but, I am excited about being in this routine.

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August Habit #19 Laundry Tip Occurred By Accident

I got really tired of all the drama around “where is my blue shirt” or “why don’t I have any clean socks”.

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Thanks for the Tips

I read a tip from your emails a few weeks back about meal planning.

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August Habit #18 One That Was A Lifesaver

I have been fluttering for about 5 years now. Some things are in order but other parts of my life/house are still in chaos.

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Pamper Mission 08-18-2019

Hi friends! Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new Pamper Mission.

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A Great Revelation

It’s that time of year when museums and calendar vendors are flooding the online market with very tempting offerings.

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August Habit #17 My Biggest Challenge

As I am folding my laundry I pin any unmatched socks on to the board.

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I Love Looking at My Calendar Now!

I want to tell you that I think you are a mind reader.

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One Step at a Time

I’m new at this. I’m still getting my feet off the ground; doing my best to get through my routines with a teething baby, busy preschooler,

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Starring My Feather Duster

Today I did my very first home blessing hour.

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