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We Just Moved and I am so Overwhelmed

I just moved and have 3 children, 10,8,5. I am so overwhelmed with boxes and stuff everywhere! Laundry and dishes still have to be done!! Where do I start? Do I go room by room? I feel like I’m drowning.

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Let Your Light Shine

Our success in FLYing comes at the heels of two important words: Persistence and Consistence.

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January Habit #2 Everyday is a New Day

I was actually excited to get your email telling me to shine my sink yesterday!

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Staying On Top of Things

Who knew a calendar could change your life??

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November Habit #1 Menu Planning

I, too, used to stare at the fridge in the afternoon, frazzled and wondering what the heck I could pull together. Then I came across a handy tool in a magazine and never again. (If I am allowed to tout another source, it was Real Simple).

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Good Routines and Order

I always had a habit of messing up things, ever since I was a little girl.

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A Shiny Sink Has Sunk In

I found your group 4 years ago when my second son was born with breathing problems.

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Cooking Up Some Memories

Did you know that you cook Thanksgiving Dinner on a shoestring? I will never forget one Christmas that I could not afford to go home for the holidays.

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Make Your Dreams a Reality

Do you remember as a child dreaming of becoming an adult? What happened to those little kid dreams?

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It’s Worth Taking the Chance

It can be hard to take the chance on a new or self-published author—this one is definitely worth it. There’s intrigue, suspense, adventure, humor, well-drawn characters, history, romance, a complex, yet manageable plot, surprises you don’t see until….

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