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When was the Last Time

Several years ago, I was in an abusive relationship. All I wanted in life was to just feel loved.

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Don’t Take Your Love For Granted

Friday as always is Date Night. Some of you are skipping this part of our Basic Weekly Plan because you don’t know how to date anymore.

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Lighten Your Load

I can’t change the role society has put on women any more than I can change how we were taught that we could have it all. Women have always been the caretakers of the home, but now we are also the breadwinners. I know how hard it is to juggle those roles.

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It’s Time to Let Go and FLY!

For almost twenty years I have been sending you essays, reminders, and any other God Breezes that blow my way.

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God Breezes are Blowing! Your Words Hold a Miracle

The God Breezes are blowing!

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Who Knew Doors Could Be So Powerful

We just got this testimonial and it was a wow moment!

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Does Your World Revolve Around Fear?

Have you been living in CHAOS; Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome? The reason you are afraid to let anyone in your home is because of fear.

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