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What is Standing in Your Way?

As a young disorganized mom, I would get all my appliances running.

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Another Great Calendar Tip

I would like to share what is working for my family because it might help someone else.

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A Recipe for Pie

In the past we have been told about a purple soup that was called FlyLady Soup?

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Meal Time Tip

As a full time homemaker, I have found out that taking the time to plan weekly menu plans is the most important part of kitchen duty.

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Easy Menu Planning

I too am a calendar convert, and wanted to pass on a technique I use for menu planning.

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Cheapest Remodel of All

We can get so stuck in a rut when our homes are in bad shape.

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Does I Don’t Have Time Rob You of Real Money

We are the queen of procrastination! Our perfectionism stops us from doing just about everything.

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Basic Menu Planning

Please help me with basic menu planning. We are stuck in a rut and need some help.

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How Do I Do The Rest?

I feel overwhelmed. I do the shoes, dress to shoes, declutter 15 min a day, do the missions.

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Evenings Are Less Stressful

I just wanted to say thanks. Because of meal planning my evenings are less stressful, my DH and two DSs and I are eating better.

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