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Bless The World

I broke our dust mop by banging it on the side of our house to get the dust off. My DH is BO he asked me to buy a new dust mop.

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Moving Helped Me Declutter

We have 2 dogs and a cat, two of which shed really bad and are white!!

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It Works For Short and Tall People

I just wanted to say I love the XL mop! One of the best parts is the handle.

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What is the Deal with Weekly Home Blessing?

I can’t seem to figure out the Weekly Home Blessing. What’s the deal?

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Am I Mopping Wrong?

For the first time since I found your website a couple years ago, I’m nearly done with the Beginner’s Baby Steps!

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Are There Instructions for the Kit?

I wish the kit came with instructions!

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To Sweep or To Mop

I’ve been FlyWashed! I love the Rubba Scrubba and want more of your products!!

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What is Standing in Your Way

Have you never done a Weekly Home Blessing?

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Easy and Effective

Merry Christmas! I recently bought your fluffy blue mop. I absolutely love it!

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I was shocked how much hair it picked up!

Oh my goodness! I bought your deluxe package and received it a few weeks ago.

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