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Payroll FlyBaby Needs Help Cooking

How do you develop the “habit” of cooking when you are a payroll FlyBaby with limited time and you don’t even know where to start to learn how to cook?

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Playing Catch Up on Saturday; Not with FlyLady

Growing up with a mother who was a public school teacher was tough. There were five women in one small home.

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We Were Told We Could Have It All

From the day we were born, as women we were told we could have it all; Career, family, home, and a satisfied life.

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Tell Me Where to Start; I Work Outside of our Home

I often quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when I am answering emails. Here is his exact quote that we usually paraphrase.

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Timing is Everything; I’m a Payroll FlyBaby

I wrote the letter below yesterday and it was in my drafts, ready to send to you.

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Help I Went to Work Outside of Our Home

I’ve tried for years to follow your routines.

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We Need Help in the Morning

I work as a substitute teacher. I started last year and didn’t expect to end up working basically full-time hours , and my home showed it!

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Congratulations You’re a CEO

So let’s look at our homes in comparison to a hotel!

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Stop Putting out Fires

There is always something any FlyBaby can glean from the cool testimonials we are receiving.

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Chaos is Everywhere

Hi FlyLady! I’ve recently resubscribed to your reminders as my life is back in CHAOS!!! Yes, I said “life” not “home,” because the CHAOS is everywhere! I just had my performance review at work today, and I’ll tell ya… I’m … Continue reading

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