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Help I Went to Work Outside of Our Home

I’ve tried for years to follow your routines.

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We Need Help in the Morning

I work as a substitute teacher. I started last year and didn’t expect to end up working basically full-time hours , and my home showed it!

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Playing Catch Up on Saturday; Not with FlyLady

Growing up with a mother who was a public school teacher was tough. There were five women in one small home.

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Congratulations You’re a CEO

So let’s look at our homes in comparison to a hotel!

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We Were Told We Could Have It All

From the day we were born, as women we were told we could have it all; Career, family, home, and a satisfied life.

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Payroll FlyBaby Needs Help Cooking

How do you develop the “habit” of cooking when you are a payroll FlyBaby with limited time and you don’t even know where to start to learn how to cook?

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Stop Putting out Fires

Dear Friends, Even though we are focusing on Payroll FlyBabies this week, there is always something any FlyBaby can glean from the cool testimonials we are receiving. Right now I want to talk about some ways I can help you … Continue reading

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Chaos is Everywhere

Hi FlyLady! I’ve recently resubscribed to your reminders as my life is back in CHAOS!!! Yes, I said “life” not “home,” because the CHAOS is everywhere! I just had my performance review at work today, and I’ll tell ya… I’m … Continue reading

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Tell Me Where to Start; I Work Outside of our Home

I often quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when I am answering emails. Here is his exact quote that we usually paraphrase.

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Timing is Everything; I’m a Payroll FlyBaby

I wrote the letter below yesterday and it was in my drafts, ready to send to you.

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