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The Cure for Procrastination

Our procrastination usually only ends up biting us in the bottom.

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How Do I Do The Rest?

I feel overwhelmed. I do the shoes, dress to shoes, declutter 15 min a day, do the missions.

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It’s Anti Procrastination Day

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day! What have you been putting off?

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Hurry up, I’m Late!

Hurrying never got us anywhere on time.

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The Procrastination Rut

Have you gotten in a rut? Not a bad rut; but let’s say a comfortable rut.

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Why Can’t I Commit?

I am trying to fly for almost a year now, but it seems so hard from me

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2 Minute Miracles

What is it about two minutes? When we were told we had to do a two minute speech it seemed too long.

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Procrastination, Distraction, or Do-It-Now? Oh My

Procrastination, Distraction, or Do-It-Now? Would you please help us distinguish between these 3 ideas.

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Avalanche of Procrastination

We have looked hard at our procrastinating personalities and why we are so good at putting things off till later.

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The Nose Knows

Many years ago I had a housekeeper come every couple of weeks.

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