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The Next Opportunity

All the soaring…. so thankful to never ever have been embarrassed in our new to us home, nearly 6 years now…

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The Open House

My mother in law is selling her house. She was frantically getting ready for an open house last Sunday.

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What is a Swish?

What exactly is swish and swipe?

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What Can Purple Rags Do?

Our Purple Rags in a Bag are reusable microfiber cloths that can clean and shine most anything in your home and car.

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Cleaning With Purple Rags is Exciting

I recently got my purple rags, and other than windows I haven’t used them much.

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Will They Leave Streaks

The only reason I use paper towels is because cloth leaves streaks on my windows and mirrors.

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Help Me with My Messy Car

I have had great success decluttering our home. I still can’t seem to gain control over my car.

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How Do I Clean my Shower?

My shower stall is a mess! Mildew and icky orange stuff.

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September Habit #1 New Habit: Before Bed Routine

Your new habit for September is your Before Bed Routine. This is the most important routine of the whole day!

Are you having problems with your Before Bed Routine?

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A Perfect Companion

I have been a Flybaby since almost the beginning. I have had varying degrees of success as a Flybaby throughout the years.

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