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I Love My FlyLady Life

I love my FlyLady life. Along with my calendar to keep me on track, my water bottle to keep me hydrated, my routines to help me plan my days!

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Multiple Victories

I have written once before but I was quite elated and my testimonial was rather jumbled.

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March Habit #18 My Precious Toe

I started dressing to the shoes at least until my morning routine is complete as well as my 15 minutes of whatever the days mission is.

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A Perfect Companion

I have been a Flybaby since almost the beginning. I have had varying degrees of success as a Flybaby throughout the years.

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What is FLYWashing?

Please, I often hear this term ‘FlyWashing’ what do you mean exactly by this?

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February Habit #18 A Work In Progress

My Declutter journey is still a work in progress and actually began in November of 2014.

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Fill The Gap

I’ll save the back story for another letter so that I can get to the point of this one: you just saved me a couple hundred dollars.

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January Habit #31 My Thinking Processes

I can sincerely express my happiness with shining the sink. I find that this simple habit has helped me develop a sense of pride.

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January Habit #29 A Shiny Sink in Every Room

I have been following you for several years now and I will never forget the day my daughter came home from school and discovered we had a white sink.

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Dishwasher Spots

I just read your testimonial on the Purple Rags cleaning muddy doors, and I wanted to add my own praise. These cloths are fabulous!

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