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New Shower Rag

I’ve heard so many things about these “amazing” rags. I admit I was skeptical. A converted skeptic is the best advocate!!

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New Use for Purple Rags

I just discovered another use for those amazing purple rags!

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My New Use for a Purple Rag Who Knew

Here lately I have been using a purple rag to…

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Purple Rags in the Kitchen

Just a quick thank you for the purple rags in a bag. I bought these recently, and they arrived a few days ago.

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The Open House

My mother in law is selling her house. She was frantically getting ready for an open house last Sunday.

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Cleaning With Purple Rags is Exciting

Purple Rag/Rubba Swisha Half Price Sale Ends in 3 HOURS!

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What is FLYWashing?

Please, I often hear this term ‘FlyWashing’ what do you mean exactly by this?

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Purple Rags Are Great Motivators

I am in the BabySteps level and have ordered several of your tools. The purple Rags in a Bag are the best motivators to the swish and swipe every morning.

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What is a Swish?

What exactly is swish and swipe?

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Help Me with My Messy Car

I have had great success decluttering our home. I still can’t seem to gain control over my car.

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