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I Think I Ruined My Purple Rags

I LOVED my purple rags, but in my excitement, I didn’t read the directions and washed and dried them with a regular load of clothes

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Waiting to Get Started?

In many of your messages I have noticed that you can’t wait to get our calendar, duster, book, and timer so you can get started.

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Actions Speak Louder

Love is a word that is very deceptive maybe even illusive if we look at it as a noun. It is not something that we can buy and hold in our hands, it is a word that is filled with action.

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Looking for the Magic Potion

We are all looking for that magic potion or the magic wand that is going to get your home clean.

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Another Great Idea

I keep reading about your marvelous purple rags lately and own several.

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Timing Was Just Right

I’ve been what I guess you’d call a Payroll FlyBaby for a little under a month.

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Magical Purple Rags

I just wanted to share how much I love my purple rags.

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January Habit #5 Shining my Sink

Quite some time ago, I wrote about a product that worked to shine my VERY old stainless sink. My asthma wouldn’t allow me to continue using it without distress, so

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No Match For The Purple Rags

I have bought several of your wonderful products including the feather duster, calendar and timer but thought that I didn’t need anything else.

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What Can the Purple Rags Do?

You will no longer have to buy rolls and rolls of paper towels.

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