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Amazingly Tough Purple Rags

I knew they were good but didn’t realize HOW good ….

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No Chemicals So The Little Ones Can Help Too

I want to thank you for your silver rags. When my oldest was little, I was using lots of chemicals when cleaning (because I thought I had to clean like my mom and grandmother).

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My Husband Messed Up My Rags

What do you tell people when they mess up their purple rags?

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New Use for Our Rags

I know there a many uses for your rags – purple, silver or bronze – but I’ve never seen anyone say that

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Can They Clean Eyeglasses?

I will hopefully be purchasing your Rags in a Bag soon. I had a quick question. I was wondering if they do a good job of cleaning eyeglasses?

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Crystal Clear Oven

While I was cleaning the knobs, my kitten noticed his reflection on the oven door and began attacking the intruder in the oven door.

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