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Provide Light

Your emails really make me feel so blessed to be a part of the Flylady community.

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Pamper Mission 03-18-2018

I think it’s time we get back to the basics of pampering. You know what I mean… the things that we don’t always take the time to do with our hectic lives and schedules.

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March Habit #17 I Was FLYing Along

Yes, I have my shoes on. I suffer insomnia and chronic fatigue …long story.

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No More Bending

Just discovered the most wonderful use for the MULTI WAND.

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A Good Investment

I love the Carpet Sweepa! I am glad that I invested in it, as it motivates me to attend to my rugs more regularly.

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Bought on a Whim

Just wanted to let you know I used the Rubba Scrubba.

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March Habit #14 Falling Into Place

I have been following you since November, 2016. I signed up to participate with the Mom Conference and listened to your talk.

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March Habit #13 I Was Ready

When our youngest son was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2014, my whole world was changed.

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A Little Switch

I just started a couple of days ago, and I’m already seeing such an improvement.

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The Thorn in My Side

We built our dream home 12 years ago. My husband, daughters and I are very meticulous so we have no problem keeping it clean and clutter free.

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