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The Solution to A Little Problem

I have just found a solution to a little problem we have , outback Australian cobwebs ‎and red dust that like to attach themselves to everything…

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Help Me with My Messy Car

I have had great success decluttering our home. I still can’t seem to gain control over my car.

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My Sister is a Believer Now

She tried the Rubba Scrubba last night on her couch – and this is what she got AFTER she vacuumed the cushions.

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Bought on a Whim

Just wanted to let you know I used the Rubba Scrubba.

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Do They Work on Ceramic Tile?

Do the Rubba Scrubba and Rags in a Bag work on a ceramic tile shower too?

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She Could Be Empowered

I just have to share my Rubba Scrubba story… or as we refer to it now, “rubber Crubba.”

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Cat Hair has Met It’s Match

I am writing to say how matchless your Rubba Scrubba is for removing cat hair from my furniture! And the Rubba Sweepa for my rugs!

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Swishing, Swiping and Scrubbing

My shower stall is a mess! Mildew and icky orange stuff. How is the best way to clean it up?

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What is the Rubba Craze?

I just saw this on this week’s sneak peek, and I would like clarification.

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Being Prepared Brings Peace

I have always said it is better to be prepared and not need to use your kit than to need an emergency preparedness kit and not have it.

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