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Swishing, Swiping and Scrubbing

My shower stall is a mess! Mildew and icky orange stuff. How is the best way to clean it up?

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Rubba Scrubba Your Sheets

I use my Rubba Scrubba for everything from scrubbing upholstery and carpet to brushing my pets, but I wanted to share a new use I discovered over the weekend.

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A Miracle on the Stairs

I finally decided to try this tool and cannot believe it has answered my prayers (as all the Fly-tools have).

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What is the Rubba Craze?

I just saw this on this week’s sneak peek, and I would like clarification.

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My Do It Now Kicked In

I ordered the XL Mop as a Christmas gift for my Sweetheart’s house. (Yeah, I have started buying here and there for Christmas:).

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Being Prepared Brings Peace

I have always said it is better to be prepared and not need to use your kit than to need an emergency preparedness kit and not have it.

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Rubba Scrubba Reminiscing

Eight years ago we introduced our Rubba Scrubba. We have received thousands of testimonials. That first shipment went fast.

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I Was Doing It Wrong

I have been following your programme on and off for about 10 years, I was doing it wrong.

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Company Ready In 5 Minutes

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a surprise visitor!

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Good Enough is Good Enough

Our precious little princess inside of us just really wants to be loved!

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